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December 18th 2023 - January 21st 2024

Break those shocking beauty habits – now!

13 December, 2023 - 09:34am by - First Lady | 6 Comments

Article by BR Tabatha

So scouring the internet for answers (because you know, it has them all.  And then some.) I've discovered that it takes between 3 weeks and 3 months to form a new habit.  Which got me to thinking how we could look and feel better if we just broke those bad beauty habits we all have.

1.  Not getting regular trims.  Split ends are so not vogue!  Not only do they make hair look unkempt and unruly, they actually lead to more hair damage as the hair splits even more.  Solution?  Bite the bullet and go for a trim at least every 2 months.  Make the appointment when you're in the salon having your hair done - you can always bring it forward if you need to!

2.  Biting your nails.  Bitten nails don't look great - we know that right  But they're also weakened and more prone to infections  - especially if you bite around the nail, particularly the cuticle.  Solution?  Well stop biting your nails.  Try using icky tasting nail polish, or even just establish a nightly routine where you take care of your nails.  Some people find painting their nails helps them stop biting them. 

3.  While we're on nails - not removing chipped nail polish.  Seriously nails with flecks of old nail polish just look bad.  Solution? Take a minute, grab some nail polish remover and take it off!  And prevent staining your nail bed by always using a base coat.  And minimise chipping in the first place by always using a top coat!

4.  Not filing your feet once a week.  Our feet have a rough deal.  Literally.  They hold us up all day, they take us around the beauty department, they help us stay in shape.  And what do we do?  Neglect them and hide them away until the week before Sandal Season when we furiously pay them some attention to get them looking half decent.  Solution?  Regularly file your feet to prevent hard skin build ups and have gorgeous feet year round.

5.  Not taking your makeup off before bed.  Makeup left on overnight will clog your pores.  Which will lead to blackheads, spots and breakouts.  Solution?  If you really can't fit in a proper facial cleanse in the evening, keep a pack of makeup remover wipesby your bed and use them!

6.  Squeezing your spots.  Ok so we know that spots are a combination of oil and dirt right? So when you pick at it with dirty fingernails you're not only adding more grime, you're spreading dirt when the pus hits your skin.  Solution?  Fid a good spot treatment and use it.  If you absolutely must squeeze the spot use two clean cotton buds.  If the spot doesn't give way easily, guess what?  It's not ready to be popped.

7.  Tanning.  Tanning the old fashioned way that is - if you're still frying your skin under the sun to get golden brown you really (really, really) need to stop.  Seriously.  Solution?  Fake it - with so many fake tans you will  find one for you!

8.  Not using sunscreen.  Seriously we don't need to lecture you again right?  Solution?  Find a good facial sunscreen that you like and use it every day between moisturising and applying your makeup.

9.  Touching your face or hair.  This one's difficult, because you probably don't even realise your'e doing it!  Solution?  Try to work out when you touch your face or play with your hair - what situations trigger it?  Then when you catch yourself doing it replace the gesture with something harmless like tapping your fingers together or twirling a pen.  Sounds a bit daft, but over time it will become your go-to gesture!

What bad beauty habits do you have?  Is 2024 the year you will break it?  Or maybe you already have broken a bad habit and have replaced it with a good one? 

Get chatting below!


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6th January, 2024

I still nibble at my nails... I agree that using nail polish definitely helps me. But it's a hard habit to break (for me, at least)! I’ve got the sun protection down, though!

3rd January, 2024

Most of these do except go to get regular trims , seems every time you visit a hairdresser it is so expensive and you never get what you want , l get my daughter to trim mine e now !

3rd January, 2024

Most of these do except go to get regular trims , seems every time you visit a hairdresser it is so expensive and you never get what you want , l get my daughter to trim mine e now !

1st January, 2024

Look after my feet better and use more sunscreen

18th December, 2023

I do touch my face and pick at it so I am sure that is annoying.Iused to bite my nails but have stopped that.

15th December, 2023

I touch my hair too much and it's quite fragile so there's lots of it everywhere I've been.

31st December, 2023

And I love lying in the sun!

2nd January, 2024

I love lying in the sun too.

2nd January, 2024

I now use sunscreen every day as a habit.It took me a long time to get into the habit.