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BBBE Can Supermarket Hair Care Be Better than Salon?

28 November, 2023 - 12:52pm by - First Lady | 6 Comments

Poll posted by BR Amelia

We've all been there.  Sitting in the hair dressers chair, having our manes seen to when the inevitable question arises - "What are you using on your hair?".  Depending on the type of person you are, this question will either fill you with interest, or it will fill you with the fear of having to turn down a sales pitch.

But is your hairdresser just stating a simple fact - that their "salon quality" products really are better for your hair than your average "beauty aisle" purchase?  Can the ingredients be that different and can these professional products ever really justify the price tag?

The Exper+ise range checks so many boxes, you'll probably be surprised to learn it's a supermarket brand; coming from NZ natural powerhouse, essano!

Exper+ise is based on the premise that better hair starts with a healthy scalp! Essano have taken their expertise in skincare to develop clean beauty formulations contain high-performing scalp and skincare actives, to deliver salon-quality results every day at affordable prices.  Even more amazing, you can get this level of quality and they're made right here in New Zealand!

There are four systems available, so you can address your most pressing hair concern; 

Strength + Repair Bonding,  Hydration + Shine, Detox + Exfoliate and Growth + Volume


So we want to know - are you a supermarket hair care girl?  Have you tried the Exper+ise range before?  Or you are and always will be, a salon snob?  

Get chatting below!

Can supermarket hair care products ever cut it?

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3rd December, 2023

The products at the supermarket are usually good brands and work for me. The price is usually reasonable and a lot of choice.

3rd December, 2023

I'm a supermarket hair care girl. However, I must have the most easy going hair possible. I don't even need to use conditioner, I think I'm pretty lucky with my hair.

3rd December, 2023

I use both but definitely more from the supermarket. Not seen this new range so will keep an eye out.

1st December, 2023

Some are better than others.

1st December, 2023

I’ve had some supermarket brands work really well and others not so good. Salon products are good but costly. I’ve only ever had one salon brand that I didn’t like how it felt afterwards.

28th November, 2023

I always use purple shampoo but don't shampoo often. I more often use conditioner or a mask and often they are purple as well. Essano have been putting out some top level skin products so I'd expect these hair products to be very good as well.

11th December, 2023

some salon products don't work as well as some of the supermarket ones too.

5th December, 2023

You are lucky .