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December 18th 2023 - January 21st 2024

NZ women fess up to their shocking beauty habits!

13 December, 2023 - 09:35am by - First Lady | 6 Comments

Article by BR Anon.

Once upon a time in one of the more relatable Sex and The City episodes, Carrie disclosed her SSB.  Secret Single Behaviour.  You know, the things you do in private but you wouldn't want anyone else, in particular your fancy-person to know about.

For this Beauty Crew member, this episode came to life rather recently when she was confronted by her partner about her 'in-shower' activities.  "You know how you moan I never clean the bathroom? Why are there always clumps of your hair on the walls of the shower?". 

How could she explain herself?  Denial, apparently.  "Erm, I wash my hair, hair comes out and obviously sticks to the glass.  What I forget to clean the shower once and you're being all smug? It's your turn to cook by the way."

So what is the truth behind this defensive reaction?  While washing my hair, I collect the strands that come out and deposit them on the shower wall.  You know, to prevent them getting in the hair trap (which is incredibly gross to clean out). Ok I count them too, just to make sure I'm not losing more than usual.  And yes by the time I've finished my shower, I usually forget to collect them and put them in the bin. 

Surely I cannot be the only person in the world that collects her hair and displays it on the wall of the shower?!

So BRHQ are holding a beauty confessional and lifting the lid on some of the embarassing beauty habits we're guilty of.  We asked friends and family and here's what they revealed;

  1. Everytime I squeeze a really big spot, I secretly hope the 'pop' will be forceful enough to hit the mirror.
  2. Mine's not a beauty habit exactly, but still a bit cringe!  I hate washing my bras or jeans.  They're never the same after a few washes.  So I hang them on the line and spray them with FeBreeze. 
  3. I inspect my used pore strips under the light.  I'm always disappointed when I take off a pore strip and there's hardly any blackheads on it - I want my pore strip to be like a little forest of long blackheads. 
  4. I lick my makeup brushes to help pick up powder. 
  5. I brush my teeth while plucking my eyebrows.  So really I just hold the toothbrush in my mouth, infusing me with minty freshness.
  6. My legs are always shaved but I never buy razors.  The perks of co-habiting right?
  7. If I forget to take my makeup off at night and I have smudged mascara in the morning, I sort of push it up to my lower lash line and apply a fresh coat to my top lashes.  Grunge is back.
  8. If I have no time to shower I use my boyfriend's roll on deodorant because it's stronger. I would shun him if he used mine.  Man pits are gross.
  9. I have to check which side of the mirror is magnified before I use it.  I once thought I was looking into the magnified mirror, only to turn it over and realise that huge spot was actually lifesize. Never again, especially now I have wrinkles.

Your turn.  'Fess up - what are some of your funny, gross or embarassing beauty habits?  Or are we the only girls with bad habits around here?


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9th January, 2024

I stick my loose hairs to the wall of the shower too. It is the only safe place for it to stop it from washing down the plughole.

4th January, 2024

I expected way worse when I read "shocking" in the title!

1st January, 2024

Gotta love a good pimple popping lmao

21st December, 2023

Ewwww ummm I find it satisfying to watch pimples or ingrown hair being removed or popped. It's kind of like cleaned or something

16th December, 2023

I do use partners deodorant and have been known not to take off my mascara at night.

15th December, 2023

Eeeeee!!! I can't think of any.

6th January, 2024

You are brave Johanna